•  Ice cube bag of 2.7 kg  (6 per pocket)   •  Ice cube 16.2 kg

         Bag of ice in cube shape             Sale, manufacture and distribution of ice cube bag with freezer for any type of event or business

The  ice cubes in bag are ideal for your cocktail, cooler, restaurant, bar, event and more. This is the most common of our products. You will find them in our various outlets: Convenience store, grocery store and gas station among others.

Our product stands out from the competition, especially with the plastic clip that facilitates reuse and preservation. Not from a crushed product, the bags have fewer deposits of snow, which promotes the life of the product. Transparent bag allows you to see the quality of the product.

•    Bloc 4 kg

        bloc de glace, sac de glace, glace pour dépanneur, bétonniere           sac de glace, bloc de glace, vente de glace

Often used in boats or cooler, the block ice 4kg is ideal for long trips or camping ! These blocks will keep your products fresh longer. You will also find in our various outlets.

•    Glace concassée 16.2 kg

Sac de glace concassé

The 16.2kg bags of crushed ice or cubes are often used by companies to cool mixers of cement. We know your requirements and offer a fast and accurate service to meet your needs in terms of quantity and time for a concrete ideal temperature.

•    Glace en neige 12 kg

Les sacs de 12kg de neige sont principalement utilisés pour les cabanes à sucre. Avec nos normes de qualité, ces sacs de glace, finement concassée, sont idéaux pour servir vos délicieux bâtons de tire d’érable. Malgré la température imprévisible, vous aurez toujours de la neige d’une qualité exceptionnelle, à tout moment!